User Registration Agreement of FOSTHA

1. Prompt Clause

(1) The website of FOSTHA (hereinafter referred to as "this website") agrees to provide the various services (hereinafter referred to as "this services") to you which based on the internet and mobile internet ,including the FOSTHA website and Client and various form (including new forms of services in the future of technology development)to provide various services to you.

(2) In order to use this services, you shall read and comply with the "User Registration Agreement of FOSTHA" (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement").

(3) You shall read carefully and fully understand the clauses in this agreement,especially exemption or limitation of FOSTHA of the corresponding liability exemption clauses, and the restrictions clauses on your rights,and prudent choice of acceptance or non acceptance of this agreement.

(4) If you under 18 years old, please read this agreement with the legal guardian, and pay special attention to the using clauses of minors.

(5) You have no right to use this services unless you have read and agreed to accept all the clauses of this agreement.

(6) This agreement is that on using this services between you and FOSTHA.

2. Confirmation and Acceptance of the Clauses of the Registration Agreement

(1) When you filled in the information, read and agreed to this agreement and completed all the registration procedures according to this website registration page prompt, that means you have read carefully ,understood and received the all contents in this agreement , and reached an agreement with the FOSTHA,and became the user of this website. If you disagree in this agreement or any of the provisions of the clauses, you shall stop the registration application procedure immediately when you read this agreement in the process.

(2) FOSTHA has the right to amend the clauses of this agreement when necessary. Once the updated clauses of this agreement are published in place of the original clauses of the agreement without any further notice, you may consult the latest version of the clauses of this agreement in relevant page in this website.If the clauses of this agreement are changed,and you continue to use this services, its regarded as you have accepted the amended agreement. If you do not accept the amended agreement, you shall stop using this services.

3. User Personal Information Protection

(1) You need to fill in some necessary information ( including your name and e-mail address,telephone number, address etc.)in the process when you applied this website services. Please keep this message updating timely,so that FOSTHA can offer help or better service to you .You understand and agree that you are obliged to maintain the authenticity and effectiveness of the information that you provide.If the national laws and regulations have special rules, you must fill in the real ID information.If the information you fill in is incomplete or inaccurate, it may not be able to use this services or be restricted in the process of using.

(2) FOSTHA is committed to the protection of personal information with you which is a basic principle of FOSTHA. Except for the convention of this agreement without the consent of you, FOSTHA does not to disclose your personal information to any company, organization or individual. But besides you violate this agreement and cause others to complain or the competent authority to investigate the responsibility, so as to safeguard the interests of the public and the legitimate rights of this website and otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations.

(3) In order to protect your personal information better, you shall know the related functions, rules and settings of this services as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you shall set the public range of your personal information reasonably.

(4) You shall respect fully the personal information of anyone who knows, receives, or may be exposed to this services, including but not limited to other users.You shall not collect, copy, store, propagate or use other peoples' personal information in any other ways, otherwise, you shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom.

(5) Some personal information may be considered sensitive personal information because of its particularity,such as your race, religion, personal health and medical information etc. Sensitive personal information is more strictly protected than other personal information.Please take notes,when you used our services ,the information and contents (such as the photos and others information about your social activities) that you provide,upload and distribute,it may reveal your sensitive personal information.You need to consider carefully whether to disclose the relevant sensitive personal information when using the services of this website, and you shall bear the consequences arising therefrom.

4. Services contents

(1) The concrete content of this services is provided by FOSTHA based on the actual situation, such as teaching tools,learning tools, online resources and the relevant applicant services. FOSTHA has the right to update and increase or decrease the services contents irregularly according to the needs of subsequent services, without obtaining your consent before updating and increasing or decreasing the services contents.

(2) Your understanding and agreement: FOSTHA has the right to provide or promote FOSTHA or goods and services of the third party in the process of providing this services, and may use your information to provide you with more better related to the user experience and other related advertisements. You agree with FOSTHA or the third party to distribute all kinds of commercial advertisements or other kinds of business information in various ways (including but not limited to put advertisements on any page of this website).Also you agree to accept FOSTHA or the third party to send the merchandise sales or other related business information to you by email or other ways.

(3) Your understanding, this website is only to provide network services, in addition to the related network services equipment (such as personal computer, mobile phone, and other related with access to the internet or mobile network devices) and required costs (such as telephone and internet fees paid for accessing to the internet, and mobile phone fees for the using of mobile network etc.) shall be borne by yourself.

(4) Your understanding an agreement: FOSTHA or the third party may collect and use your information by cookies,the purpose is that in order to offer the more personalized user experiences and services for you , and store the information as log information to be used for remembering your identity information, analysing the situations of how you use this website services, sending you an advertisements that you may be interested in it,or evaluating the effect of advertising services.But FOSTHA does not take responsibility for cookies of the third party .Of course, you can also use browser settings to refuse or manage cookies, but please note that if you stop using cookies, you can still access most pages of this website, but you may not be able to enjoy the best services experience, and some services you may not be used properly. Meanwhile,you will receive the same number of advertisements, but the relevance of these advertisements to you will be reduced.

5.The third party products and services

(1) This services may include the products and services provided by the third party.It may have other relevant agreement and rules when you used the products and services provided by the third party, your may also read carefully and abide it .

(2) Your understanding and agreement: in order to provide you with better experience, The third party may contact and use your information and related to operation information in third party services when you used it.

(3) If you have any disputes in using products or services of the third party, please contact with the third party directly, FOSTHA does not assume any responsibility, but will offer the necessary assistance according to the laws .

(4) If you do not want to FOSTHA take your personal information as the purpose of products and services of the third party, you can propose application to FOSTHA to stop using your personal information for the purpose in accordance with guidelines provided in specific services by means of the relevant information tips in the purpose of this website.or set the permissions and public scope of personal information on its own function settings.Otherwise, it means that you agree to accept the products and services provided by the third party.

6. Storage and Limitation of Data

(1) FOSTHA does not responsible for your failure to delete or store the related data in this services, and you shall make a backup of the important data on your own outside of this services.

(2) FOSTHA has the right to decide the longest storage period of your data in the services, the maximum storage and allocation space allocated to a single user on the server according to the actual situation. You can back up the relevant data in this services on your own needs.

(3) If your services is terminated or cancelled, FOSTHA can delete your historical data permanently on the server. After the services is terminated or cancelled , FOSTHA has no obligation to return or restore any data to you.

(4) This website has the right to judge whether your behavior and information are in conformity with the provisions of the laws, regulations, national policies and the clauses of this agreement, and delete the suspected illegal contents without notice to you.If the problem is serious, this website can terminate the network services to you and investigate your liability for the loss or adverse effects caused by the infraction.

7.User account

(1) You confirm that you shall have the capacity for civil conduct as stipulated in the law of the state corresponding with your behaviour before you begin to apply and register producer using this website.If you do not have the foregoing capacity for civil conduct corresponding with your behavior, you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the laws.

(2) When you filled in the information, read and agreed to this agreement and completed the all registration process according to the registration page prompt, you can access the account number of this website and become the user of this website which only allows each user to use one website account.

(3) If we find that your account name violates national laws and regulations, or contains inelegant and inappropriate literal symbols , this website will reserve the right to cancel your account.

(4) The ownership of your account is returned to this website after you have completed the registration producer that have the right to use it. If you do not actually use your account for more than 90 days, this website reserves the right to recover, delete, and discontinue your account.

(5) You have the obligation to ensure the safety of password and account,you take full responsible for yourself such as any loss or damage caused by all the activities if you use on this account,this website does not bear any responsibilities. If you find that the account has been unauthorized or arised any other security issues, you shall amend the account and password immediately and keep it properly.This website does not bear any responsibilities for the illegal using account because of the hacker behavior or the negligence of the users' custody.

(6) Your account is set up and kept by yourself, this website does not ask you to provide the account and password at any time.Therefore,it is suggested that you must keep your account and password,and ensure that you log off at the end of every internet time period and leave this website in the right way.If you take the initiative to account for losses and consequences caused by the behavior of your disclosure or others suffer attacks and fraud, FOSTHA does not assume responsibility and you shall recover to the infringement by judicial and administrative remedies.

(7) The user account monopolizing the right of use only belongs to the initial applicant.In order to avoid disputes arising from account problem, you shall not pay, free transfer or share accounts in private. Your shall undertake any loss due to violation of this requirement.This website has the right to close the usage right of such corresponding user account immediately.Meanwhile,this website will further investigate the legal liability caused by your illegal using of the account.

(8) If your account is lost, the password is forgotten, and disputes arising from the ownership of usge right, you must comply with the complaint way of this websites to retrieve the account number.You can apply to this website to retrieve their account on the basis of the initial registration information.The account recovery mechanism of this website is only responsible for identifying whether the information provided by your registration account is consistent with the system record data, and is unable to identify whether the complainant is the real user of the account number.This website does not assume any responsibilities for any loss to you by others false application.You know that the account and password are responsible for yourself.This website does not promise that you will be able to retrieve the account number through a complaint after the account is lost or password is forgotten.You shall be careful to fill out the initial registered mailbox as the designated mailbox to confirm the disputed account.

8.Using rules

(1) You must abide by the national laws and regulations in the process of using this website internet services. You can not upload, publish, and disseminate illegal contents, such as jeopardize national security, pornography, violence, terror, copyright infringement, and other illegal information,and shall not use this website platform to publish false, harmful, coercion, infringement of privacy, harassment, infringement, slander, vulgarity or other moral repugnant contents.

(2) This website has the right to stop transmitting any contents above-mentioned for violating the relevant laws or regulations of this agreement,or infringement,impairment,threaten any person's rights or securities,or counterfeit others' actions according to its reason judgement,and has the right to take appropriate legal action according to its own judgement for any user who violates this clauses, including but not limited to delete illegality, tort and misconduct and so on, prevent the use of all or part of the website services, and keep the relevant information in accordance with the laws and regulations and report to the relevant departments,etc.

(3) This website does not guarantee the correctness, integrity, or quality of the contents above described for the contents transmitted by this website services.You may be exposed to unpleasant, inappropriate, or disgusting contents when you accepted this website services.Under no circumstances can this website be responsible for any contents, including but not limited to any contents, errors and loss or damage caused by it.This website has the right (but no obligation) to reject or delete any content provided by this website services.You use the above-mentioned contents shall take risked on your own.

(4) This website does not take any responsibility for what you have issued through this website services does not reflect the views or policies of this website.You shall be fully responsible for the authenticity, legality, harmlessness and effectiveness of the above contents, any legal liability related to the information released by you shall be borne by yourself, it is not related to this website.

(5) If any third party infringe your related rights who agree to authorize FOSTHA in its own name to conduct prosecution and get the full compensation for the infringement of the third party.FOSTHA does not have to give you any remuneration or undertake any obligation , and no further notice to you.

9. Copyright Declaration

(1) Any video, text, software, audio, picture, video, chart, mail and advertisement contained in the services provided by this website are protected of the laws of copyright, trademark and/or other property owership. FOSTHA has all rights of above contents(including but not limited to intellectual property rights).Without the consent of the relevant obligee, the above information is not allowed to be published or played directly or indirectly in any media, rewritten or reissued for playback or publication purposes, or used for any other commercial purpose.Any part of the above information or information any part can be kept as a private and non-commercial using only.This website shall not be responsible for any delay, inaccuracy, error, missing or any damages arising from the above information, or during the transmission or submission of all or part of the above information, it is responsible to you or any third party in any form

(2) All rights of any software (including but not limited to any software containing images, pictures, animation, video, audio, music, texts and additional procedures, attached helping materials) used for the provision of webiste services are the copyright owners of the software.Without the permission of the software copyright owner,you may not reverse engineering,decompile or disassemble to this software, or try to find the source code of the software in other ways.

(3) You can access any original content of the area publicly for you uploaded to this website through this various services of this website (including but not limited to learning tools, teaching tools, online resources,social communication for information and other related applications services), and copyright is owned by yourself.But these contents and information may still be cached, copied or stored independently by other users or non related third party which is not controlled by us, or saved by other users or the third party in the public domain.Therefore, please consider carefully the contents of information uploaded, published and communicated through the services of this website.You agree to FOSTHA has a perpetual,free,irrevocable, full uage right of non-exclusive and transfer of authorization, including but not limited to other rights determined by laws and regulations such as revision, reproduction, distribution, exhibition, adaptation, compilation, publication, translation, information network dissemination, broadcasting, performance,re-creation and copyright,and/or to incorporate such contents into any other form of work, media, or technology that is currently known or later developed.

10. Risk and Disclaimer

(1) You clearly agree that the risk of using this website services will be fully undertaken by yourself. Owing to the disclosure of personal information that you use on this website service are also borne by yourself.This website does not take any responsibility for you

(2) This website does not guarantee that this services will be able to meet your requirements, and keep the right to amend and interrupt the service at any time without notifying you.This website exercises the right to amend or interrupt services, do not need to be responsible for you or third party, also not guarantee the timeliness, safety and accuracy of this service.

(3) This website does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the external links set up for convenience to you. At the same time, this website does not bear any liability for the contents of any web page that is not actual controlled by this website.

(4) It is an irresistible force for any normal operation of network due to hacker attacks, computer virus outbreak or seizure, temporary shutdown due to government control, or this website can not control the network services interruptions or other defects, this website does not assume any responsibility, but will try to reduce the loss and effects that you have met.

(5) Your understanding and agreement, there is no responsibility for this website to provide you with the quality defects of the service and any loss caused during this service.

(6) This services only provide an online communication platform.You shall make an independent judgement of all the contents published on this website during the period of you using this service, and assume all the risks caused by the contents, including but not limited to risks arising from reliance on the correctness, completeness, or practicability of contents, and risks caused by your personal information being known by other users.You understand and confirm that this website does not take any responsibility for the disputes between the all users of this services.

(7) The contents released by you in the process of this services may be copied, reprinted, amended or used by the third party, and is separated from your expectation and control. You must be fully aware of the existence of such risks. This website is not responsible for the disputes arising therefrom.

(8) Please you do not to disclose any important information concerning property, this service account and password when using the service, otherwise, the loss will be borne by youself.

(9) Due to violation of the relevant rules of service you or other users to be under treatment, may affect you in the services of the preservation of data.

11. The Software Form of This Services

(1) FOSTHA may be developed different software version for different terminals equipment.You shall choose to download the appropriate version for installation according to the actual situation.

(2) You can access software from the FOSTHA website directly, and also can be obtained from the third party of FOSTHA authorized.If you have never been accessed the software or the same installer by the third party of FOSTHA authorized. FOSTHA can not guarantee that the software can be used normally,and therefore not responsible for the losses caused of you.

(3) In order to improve your experience and the contents of the services to ensure the security of the service and the consistency of the function.FOSTHA will provide software updating irregularly (these updating may take the form of software replacement, amendment, functional reinforcement, version upgrades, etc.) or change or limit part of the function effect of the software without asking for your approval before the software updating .

(4) The old version of the software can not be used after the latest version has been published.FOSTHA does not ensure that the old version of the software continues to be available and the corresponding customer service,please check and download the latest version at any time.

12. Others

(1) The clauses of this agreement regulate the various behaviors during you using this services, and will replace any agreement that you signed with this website previously.Other conduct behavior in network of this agreement and the FOSTHA constitute a complete agreement, and also you shall know and abide it.

(2) The title of all the clauses of this agreement is only for the convenience of reading and has no practical meaning in itself. It cannot be used as the basis for the interpretation of the meaning of this agreement.

(3) The provisions of this agreement are invalid or non enforceable in whatever part of any reason, and the remaining clauses are still valid and binding on both parties.

(4) Special note: the successful registrant is represented that you have read and agreed with "User Registration Agreement of FOSTHA".